Phase I

Optimize physical wellness through physical rehabilitation.

The greatest barrier to effective veteran outreach is overcoming the stigma associated with seeking “treatment.” Warrior2Warrior’s resilience program bypasses stigma by starting with physical rehabilitation — a less intimidating commitment for teammates considering getting help. Physical training bolsters confidence, and a large canon of psychological research suggests a positive correlation between physical vigor and mental health. As the warrior’s fitness and self-confidence improve, trust builds, giving Warrior2Warrior a bridge to introduce psychological treatments that teammates may initially have rejected.


Phase II

Develop customized “pipeline to wellness” for each warrior.

In phase two, we craft an individualized “pipeline to wellness” for each teammate. No two soldiers are the same; no two scars are identical. Treatment modalities will vary by warrior, and leverage our full spectrum of resources. Secondary and tertiary wellness services may include advanced physical therapy, drug/alcohol addiction recovery, regenerative medicine (self-derived stem cells), equine-based programs, and more traditional behavioral health therapies, among other options. We exist on the cutting edge and collaborate with the best of the best. We do not compromise on veteran care.


Phase III

“Tribal Connectedness”

At the crux of the Warrior2Warrior philosophy is camaraderie. Our team stays in close and persistent contact with each warrior through every stage of their journey, building kinship and cultivating empathy. Our peer-mentor relationships are iron-clad, enduring, and predicated on trust.


End State

The warrior-to-warrior relationship does not end upon completion of the program. Teammates are teammates for life. Our tribe is ever-growing, and with each success story, we become better-equipped to aid those in need. Many teammates go on to become peer mentors.

With your support, we will be empowered to expand our reach and design further programs for veterans in need.