Phase I

Optimize physical wellness through physical rehabilitation.

There is no stigma attached to physical rehabilitation. This significantly increases teammate participation and provides w2w a gateway to build trust and recommend additional programs. Science clearly tells us that as a warrior’s physical health improves, so does emotional health. Simultaneously, as the warrior’s overall vigor improves, so does the level of trust and “buy-in” placed in w2w foundation.


Phase II

Develop customized “pipeline to wellness” for each warrior.

Leveraging the trust and “buy-in” established in Phase l, warriors are next assigned to a “pipeline to wellness” that provides additional secondary and tertiary services based upon their needs. A pipeline may include additional physical therapy through our partner EXOS, drug/alcohol addiction recovery, regenerative medicine (self-derived stem cells), equine-based programs, and more traditional behavioral health therapies to name a few potential options. We collaborate with the best resources and programs available.


Phase III

“Tribal Connectedness”

Warrior2warrior closely and persistently communicates with each teammate in need, coordinating all required services while establishing an enduring peer-mentor relationship that is built on trust and a commitment to each other.


End State

Through your support, warrior2warrior will be empowered to create customized programs for each veteran in need. Combine these world-class solutions with the veteran buy-in that the w2w model is famous for developing and you have a formula that significantly reduces suicide. Our ultimate goal is to continue refining our approach in order to one day eliminate veteran suicide altogether.