Our services and support are designed to maintain discretion. Personal information shared with our mentors will remain non-attributable both inside and out of W2W. Maintaining your privacy and trust are our priorities.

W2W’s Unique Mission

The Warrior2Warrior (W2W) foundation provides peer mentorship, tailored training, and access to resources enabling the development of individual and family resilience; while strengthening active duty SOF communities, and reinforcing positive changes to military policy, programming, and culture.


“We had no idea how to handle the crisis we were facing. Your time and perspective were an invaluable resource in finding the support we needed.”

“After getting injured in combat, and retiring, I moved away and was cut off from anyone that could understand what I was dealing with.  You helped reconnect...

“I was tired of seeing guys struggling and checking out because of PTSD and other injuries.  It was chipping away at my own resilience.  I came to...

“I couldn’t do anything to help. Everyone just wanted to ignore the issue and let [him] struggle. Even though he doesn’t want help now, talking to you...

“Thanks for helping me find the right program. Navigating what was out there was overwhelming. The VA was helpful, but didn’t have what I needed.  The additional...

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August 2015

Commentary: My stepfather ‘did not deserve to die’

June 2015

The Truth About 22 Veteran Suicides A Day

May 2014

New military policy enables cooperation with non-profits and access to service members

April 2014

A New York Times interview with Susan Ullman on PTSD, the stigma of depression, and...

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